Fall-Winter Reading   

Last Semester's Book

The Goldmine Mystery (Tom and Ricky
Mystery Series).
The Goldmine Mystery is from the Tom and Ricky Mystery Series. This classic series has been a favorite with reading teachers for over 20 years, and now has updated artwork and stories that have been revised to reflect current times. Download

Previous Books

The Hang Glider (Shady Falls Mystery Series).
This series follows Jackson and Carlos, two middle school boys who find themselves involved with interesting people and mysterious happenings around their small town. The interest level is upper elementary through high school, and the readability level is first grade. Download

Creature in the Forest (Scoop Doogan Series). This series follows the investigative reporter Scoop Doogan and his intern Jake Malone as they collect clues and solve mysteries in and around Big Bend City. The interest level is upper elementary through high school, and the readability level is approximately second grade. Download

The Guru (Hawk Davidson-Extreme Athlete Series) . In this book Hawk takes the snowboarding ride of his life while being chased down a steep mountain by a RIVAL sports company. The interest level is upper elementary through high school, and the readability level is approximately second grade. Download


The Reading Calendar is a FREE service to educators offered by High Noon Books, a division of Academic Therapy Publications. Dr. Michael Milone introduced the concept at the annual conference of the International Reading Association in Phoenix in 2009, where teachers received it enthusiastically.

This is such a great idea!  
I printed it out and posted it so I could start my students this morning!  Thank you so much for this great service you are providing!  It just warms my heart that you are offering this free of charge to educators.  
A million thanks for your generosity!

–Jennifer Wheeler, M.Ed.
The PDF file below contains a daily reading calendar based on the high-interest, low readability book Throwing the Game, from the series entitled The Fixers. The Fixers is about a former computer hacker named Shane and his friend Lena, a former gang member, who now put their unique skills to good use around town whenever a problematic situation needs "fixing."
         The Fixers is written at a 1st grade readability level and is recommended for ages 14 and up. The Fixers series contains mature content that may not be appropriate for younger ages.
           This free high interest story has been divided into short sections for each day of the week. The intention is for teachers to print the PDF pages, cut them into four calendar days, and post them on the bulletin board or display them with an overhead device. It is our hope that by reading small segments of meaningful text each day, reluctant readers will enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a book and will be more willing to read on their own.

Throwing The Game is one of the five titles available from the The Fixers Mystery Series. This series features storylines that are engaging and fun to read. The series and other high/low reading books are available in book form at

Each semester, the publisher will release another book in reading calendar format. A book will also be available for summer reading at home. These books remain under copyright to the publisher, but they may be distributed freely for educational purposes. It is our hope that through the networking of teachers, every student will have access to a reading calendar story. We encourage you to forward this email with its attachment to every teacher you know, post it on your school net work, and send it to parents as well. The entire PDF of each book is archived at

FEEDBACK and questions about The Reading Calendar can be sent to